Laser stopped

Laser stopped mid cut, started back up on its own, no laser then went yellow button. We have cleaned air assist fan, cleaned all mirrors, temps good. What is going on? No help on weekends

The yellow light can be an indication that there is a problem with the connection of the white ribbon cable or a temperature issue.


Thank u for responding. We checked the connection from another post we found and as far as temp machine itself shouldnt be an over heat as its first cut of day and outside temps low 70s.

Doesn’t matter which cut of the day it is…if the room your laser is in is too warm, it won’t work.


When the machine overheats it is useful to as soon as possible feel the head with your hand. There are issues that can heat of the head to warm or hot. If the mirror is not replaced correctly it can really mess things up. There is also a cooling fan in the head that can have issues.

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