Laser Stops Mid Job

Has anybody else experienced this issue? I have a GF pro that is just under a year old, does not get used very much, and now have multiple issues popping up. The biggest one lately is the laser stopped firing in mid print and the head just kept moving back and forth. I emailed GF support about it and they asked me to run their default file, and I did and it worked. I asked them why did it stop in mid print and now all of a sudden it works again. They said that they don’t know but I am finding threads over a year old that are similar in case, but GF closes the thread down without updating us with what the problem/fix was. If customers are shipping units back and GF is fixing them and shipping back to the customer then they must know what the problem is and the fix for it. I would find it hard to believe that GF is just swapping parts until its working again and then calls it good. Did anybody ever go through this and get an answer from GF? Hopefully I can get an answer from you guys before someone from GF shows up and says I see that you emailed us, we are working on it, I am going to close this thread down.

If you are asking the community if anyone has received such an answer, you may want to post to Everything Else. Support does not monitor it, nor do they close the threads. P&S is specifically for support requests that have not be reported via email.


Posting here in Problems and Support opens a support ticket. So does sending email to support. If you open duplicate tickets, they close the extra one. Multiple support tickets for the same problem slows things down.

If you just want support from the community, it would be better to post in Everything Else, as @dwardio suggested.

You should probably share a file that you’re having trouble with.

The only time I have ever had trouble with the laser head moving back and forth but no power coming out of it has been due to a problem with the file. Usually two lines on top of each other that cancel each other out. If you post the file somebody can help you troubleshoot it.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with my current issue and not telling me to go post somewhere else. Speaking with GF I will be sending the unit back, but I would still like to figure out what the problem is since it still has not been fixed yet. Hopefully this ticket will stay open until the issue has been resolved and we have an answer because previous threads that are related to the same issues has been closed by a GF rep with no answer to what the fix was.

If GF is requesting you send the unit back, that means there is no user determinable issue and no user fix for it. GF simply will not comment on what the issues are or how to fix them, other than returning the unit.


My GF is stopping mid print on me daily now. It works on a few prints then the print head just stops moving. The fan keeps running til the time on my laptop ends. I have shut it down, cleaned all of it, moved it to different networks, moved locations,changed file types, changed size of files, etc. total nightmare. I am losing alot of custom product. Something is not right.

You’ll need to start your own thread to open a ticket with support.

That said, I would carefully inspect the head and make sure everything is good with the ribbon cable and its connection to the head.

Thank you for sharing your experience with my current issue. I have actually had that happen to me in the past and it was just a one off so I don’t know what the issue was. So far here is what we have.

Possible cause
File related: Multiple layers in image
Door Sensor: GF is guessing that is what my problem might be.

Thanks for the message. Is there a way to get to the door sensor and clean it or blow it out as a next step? Do you know where exactly that’s located? I’m willing to try anything.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.