Laser Studio

I have never owned a shed, but I think this would make a pretty good laser studio for $899.

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You live significantly further south than I do, I’m assuming…


We use one of the smaller ones for lawnmower and yard tool storage…so far, so good! (You do have to lay a slab or build a platform for it - hubs put a raised deck in one weekend and assembled the shed the next.)

Not meaning to sound critical, but I would probably urge you to look at other options. Why?

  1. The Glowforge has operating parameters for temp and a shed isn’t normally able to control those effectively.
  2. Humidity levels can fluctuate more greatly and can lead to condensation which wouldn’t be real great for the machine. (Ask anyone who has a table saw in a non-climate controlled shed or garage about dealing with condensation and rust.
  3. In case of a natural disaster there might be different coverages for a dwelling and contents and outbuildings and contents.

Just some thoughts offered constructively.



For your table saw I recommend BOESHIELD T-4 or something like that, been a while since I looked at the can.

kind of like wax. put that on my saw table and never any rust.

I’d be concerned about thermal parameters. Otherwise, could be great laser studio.

I am in Florida, so my biggest concern would be hurricanes.

Also my HOA would not allow any sheds.

I just like the idea of a tiny workshop of my own.


Hurricanes, and :glowforge: would not run outside/in shed without A/C.


a small box-trailer is a lot like a shed, and can often get around HOA restrictions.


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