Laser system while you wait for your GF

As we wait, you might want to consider this laser system - Its called Trumpf (its german, no relation to the candidate). Love the rotating stand…


Ahhh yes, my next purchase…:smile:

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Definitely needs to be placed in the hopper.

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well that sure puts the UMPF in TRUMPF.


Wow, definitely want your goggles for that one…

BTW: in case you wanted to cancel your GF order and get this… (and seriously, you can get this on eBay?). The cheapest model is $270K…


Well there you go - I figured at least half a mil. $270K is a steal! (Chuckle!)

aw, darn, my paypal cuts me off at half a mil :disappointed_relieved:


Guess you have to settle for the commoners’ low-end model.

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You think they have $100 referral bonuses?


Here’s how they are made!


Well if the Glowforge business takes off, can afford one in like… 10 years ;D

That’s fascinating. I would love to be the guy that gets to build lasers!

Yeah - but does it come with $150 worth of sample material? ( I think not !) :slight_smile:


Just saw this on the Facebook laser page. By the looks of the video they’re directly targeting the Glowforge. Especially evidenced by the statement “get ahead of the competition” and the lasering of food.
Admittedly it looks decent and offers a couple things we’d like to have such as a removable floor and a rotary attachment. Though the base price for the 40 w model is $3,499
Here’s a link to their homepage.


“Patent pending focusing mechanism allows for fully removable Z floor (allows work on materials too big to fit in machine)”

“Optional rotary attachment for engraving round bottles”

Oh, man…

But does it have a STEEL honeycomb?

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The Full Spectrum is Pretty nifty. Windows only? I was wondering how soon they and Epilogue would offer something to compete with Glowforge on price.

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This is intriguing, and it does seem to try to point out its advantages over the Glowforge rather prominently. It is a rather enticing piece of gear!
However, I did notice it says it has a connector for an air assist, which implies that isn’t built in. It also mentions an exhaust port, but doesn’t mention anything about internal fans to push anything through it, so I suspect you will need to have a fan in the exhaust to pull the air out.
I also have to wonder about how (or if) it includes any safety interlocks for the removable bottom, and whether that capability compromises the safety aspect in any way while the bottom is in place.


You can buy an exhaust fan for $200 along with some other accessories they recommend. All of the additions they recommend could make it much more expensive very quickly.

Theyve been running this same ad ever since their kickstarter, which was quite a while ago. Still one of the lowest cost lasers out there.

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If we could combine the best of both the Full Spectrum and the Glowforge while maintaining the price of my pro-----
Alas, I’ll wait and still probably not push my GF to its full potential anyway.
Though I’d say this is probably the best alternative I’ve seen if you can’t wait.