Laser Thursday bunny earrings



Look what @Shell made!


I think earrings will be the most printed item in my Glowforge. Customization and themed to perfection! Just have some blanks cut and then choose design as ordered.


Awwwwww, cute.


Love it. What’s the material? :slight_smile:


Adorable all around!

I just had a brilliant idea: You should laser etch that photo onto wood, slate, or coated metal, and then place it in a laser made frame!!


Ooh, now there’s a list of proofgrade stuff to want: really thin rigid plastics, veneers and other earring-suitable stuff, maybe even in precut blanks so no soot on the outside.


Looks like @nunzioc may be suggesting we use sliced bread too! :grin:


I believe it was two-tone acrylic.


Thats what I was thinking but wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:


Whatever it is, it’s light enough not to be tugging her earlobes down. Considering the size of the earrings, they’re probably pretty comfortable!


Acrylic is very lightweight. So is thin wood for that matter in that size…