Laser Thursday: Laser Engraved artwork (from an iPhone)


A big chunk of the company is down at MakerFaire (hope you can go say hello!), which gave us a quieter Laser Thursday than normal but folks got a lot done.

A friend of mine (who is a writer and an artist) posted a doodle onto Facebook-- I asked him to take a picture of it with his iPhone and email it to me. After 5 minutes of image cleanup, I was printing it onto maple (on a beta Glowforge). I backed it with white and teal acrylic.




Very nice!


Awesome! Is that a chamfer on the border, or just an engraving?


If thats a doodle, I’d love to see his real stuff…lol
Very nice :grin:


That’s great looking! Any more photos from different angles? Would love to see more of how this is constructed


that’s way more then a doodle wonder what happens when he breaks out the big guns.

You made a point to say on a beta unit. This josh forge back online or another unit your give a once over to before it goes out to beta tester number 2


How well art translates makes me wonder if I could convince my artist friend to collaborate with me? Him doing the art me doing the tech?


Wow. Absolutely wonderful! Pardon me for dribbling drool all over your creation. Oh. That was my phone…


Beautiful artwork and great design! :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful!


I would be soooo happy with results like that. :blush:

That is fantastic looking. Please post more projects like that!


Nice work @tony!
My desk is feeling very empty and very lonely… :cry:


Withdrawal symptoms…:disappointed_relieved: and you can’t even goto a GA (Glowforge anonymous) group…cause you’d be the only one there. :sob:


Oh hell yeah! Can you post a pic of the whole thing?


I can’t wait to make next level things


I’m leaving @tony alone on thursdays more often.


Now this is the type of work I like to see and hopefully do in the near future.


beautiful artwork and Glowforge re-creation! What are the dimensions of that finished piece?


Very nice @Tony!
Curious if, or how it was cleaned afterwards? Also what were the settings?
Thank you for the inspiration!