Laser tiles?

Will the Glow forge be able to engrave Laser Tile? I found them online and it made me think

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if it’s the stuff from then the GF should be able to do it. I use both a 40W and 60W laser to do those now. Works fine.

Shipping costs are the painful part with these - keep an eye out for specials so you can spread the cost out over more tiles.


If you are talking about something like this. It should work fine.


thanks guys. luckily i own a biz and can order a lot and have it trucked for very little

Google has a few results for marking/engraving normal ceramic tile. Is their a big difference between going with a readily available product like that vs lasertile?


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I feel so guilty for asking you so many questions, but if you get some time, could you please tell us a little about these laser tiles? What are the differences between these tiles and regular tiles. I thought I would have to use the caremark spray to mark the tiles.

Please don’t feel guilty. I wish there was someone that I could have asked questions to when I first started…
The laser tiles are made with a special coating that is very much like Cermark that reacts with a laser. Some tiles you can etch on without a coating if they are a dark color…same for slate and dark marble. For lighter tiles you can spray Cermark or I’ve seen people just use regular spray paint


They also have a layer under the surface that I believe is black that shows as the top layer is cut away. So you don’t have to go and put paint in the engraving it’s already there which I would think would be more durable a final


I looked at the cost and the weight of these tiles. I can’t imagine why they weigh so much. Shipping must be killer. :astonished:

Not sure which ones you are talking about…the laser tiles I’ve used have a special glaze that reacts with the laser and turns black…nothing is etched away so they are still smooth.

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You are probably correct and it turns black I really don’t know how they work just came across them today. Though I’d ask. As far as shipping for my I can but lots and have them shipped freight to me it’s nice some times to have a loading dock.

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Something more to put on the list to try when GF day arrives.


Those are the ones I’ve used. White tiles that the laser engraved black. It’s like a b&w laser printer but on rules. They are coated so they’re waterproof (top side anyway).

4x4xqtr inch. Nice making very customized tiles for kitchen backsplashes and coasters.


Can we get some links to these various tiles people are talking about?

The one I found was

They only sell in bulk I think.


yes you are correct. that being said i can get boxes ad sell them to other GF users at what ever they cost because i can buy the cases and not waste them


Count me in! :slight_smile:

ill order them as soon as i know the GF is shipped. its very difficult to
wait. im on pins and needles

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