Laser tube is empty

Just returned to school from spring break yesterday and turned on the GF Pro to discover that the laser tube no longer had any coolant. I checked the reservoir tank on the left side of the machine and it is full but the tube is empty. Should I be concerned? This was a large purchase for my school and I would hate for something to go wrong.

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I can’t be sure but I bet it is full and you can’t see it. Mine is completely full but it does look empty. There are no bubbles and the coolant is really clear.


Unless of course if you see a “waterline”, drips or condensation indicating that there is both water and air.

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Yes, what they said. The coolant (bubbles) are only visible when the unit is powered for the first time. Or if it is moved. Or if it isn’t powered up for many days. Otherwise, no bubbles.


It’s most likely full of coolant, and there just aren’t any bubbles.

I checked your logs, and your temperature sensors look like expected, so I’m confident you have coolant.

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