Laser tube is not lighting up and firing

Created a one engrave project and then the next would not engrave. The tube is not lighting up and it is not firing. I have checked the connection to the print head. I get a blue flashing light when trying to send a new job but am not finding anything arye. What things can I check?

Hello @jlkenn2575 and welcome to the forum.
I’m sorry you are experiencing trouble using your Glowforge.

Have you gone through the Learn by Doing section?

Learn by Doing

Have you read through the support section?

Help & Learning Center

If your intention is to get support from Glowforge the company, you should know that they do not monitor these forums, your best bet is to submit a request in the top right button of the page above.



The blue flashing light is correct.

What are you trying to print?
Try the Gift of Good Measure on a piece of PG (they should have sent a spare piece of draftboard). If that works, it’s an issue with your design. If it doesn’t, that means you’ll definitely need to contact support!


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