Laser Tube Life Expectancy for School Use

Hello. I have a Glowforge Plus in my science lab at school. I’ve read many accounts of life expectancy for the laser tube, and I am curious to know if anyone can provide some good insight into how long this tube will last given approximately 8-10 hours of use per week. We do light cuttings and engravings, mostly on draft board and birch plywood.

Thank you so very much!

According to the Glowforge page:

Likely a couple years at least . We’re just getting to the point that the older/original machines are starting to need tube replacements.


Thank you for the response. Just curious–how do you feel about the idea of boxing these machines up and shipping them back for service? It’s a bit of a process given the money we spent on this machine.

Since the company doesn’t have service centers or approved third party servicing it’s the only choice we are likely to ever have. GF is not Maytag. I truly doubt the company will ever get big enough or be able to cost effectively provide in-person service calls.


Given that I’m not remotely a laser tube installation and calibration expert and I prefer having a functional expensive tool I have no quarrels with sending it in. It’s something I knew going in to the purchase.


Bad eyesight and a lack of attention to detail resulted in me offering a link to the filter rather than the tube. So sorry to send you in the wrong direction.

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No, it was good. It gave me very important information. Thank you!

I agree completely.

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Mine is 3 years, 4 months and still going strong. At least for now.


Thank you for the feedback!

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