Laser Tube replacement time line. Started 12/14/18

For thost that depend on your machine or machines for your business I wanted to start this post of event timeline so that when your tube goes out or get broken you will have an idea of how long you will be out of business.

12/14/18 - Posted in P&S about tube replacement.

12/15/18 -Vee closed my P&S thread.

12/15/18 - Vee emailed me not to tell me how to go about getting it replaced but wanted pics. WHY? We have broken glass and a non working laser. Sent pic and got thrown back in the email que. Lets see how long it takes to get a reply.
Just need to get fixed. Already know its not warranty because we are the 2nd owners of the machine.


It is a good chance that they wanted photos so they could evaluate how best to tell you to prep it for shipment. Also, there is that possibility, even if slight, that if the break looks to be a manufacturing problem that they will cover it anyway.


12/17/18 - Still no reply back from me sending the pic as they asked for when all I need to do is know how to get my tube replaced.

Question? In stead of sending in the whole unit it would make sense to pop the top and take out the whole gantry system and send that in that way it could get aligned?

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