Laser Won't fire

I just got and started my glowforge a couple days ago I was able to make the free glowforge ruler and the same day I was able to make a sign. I did not turn it on again until now and the laser fire will not start. I see two other people having the same issue today. ugh! Frustrating. could we have defected glowforge machines. It was all proofgrade materials that came along with the bundle that I used. I am a little upset and discouraged. As I was making my very custom order.

Do you have more information about the issue you are having (I.e. messages in the app or point in the startup or print sequence that the GF stops working at)? Information such as that will help towards a resolution as opposed to venting session, unless that is te intent.


No intent for it to be a venting session. Although I am very frustrated. Just trying to figure why I am having a problem so early without doing anything at all. I was under the assumption that is what this forum is for. Anyhow. No error messages. My Glowforge is connected and says it is ready to print. The camera is detecting the image/art. The laser when doing the print will move but not actually do anything other than a scratch because the fire in the laser never starts. So no burn. I have restarted it and nothing. Unplugged it and still nothing. The laser is not firing.

Do you have a screen shot of the app to verify your settings are not null?

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Lpi is 225

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Your speed and power settings are at the default minimum settings that will not make a mark on any material. You need to change them to appropriate settings for your material. If it’s not Proofgrade, choose a Proofgrade material that’s similar in the drop down menu and look at the settings for that. It will give you a starting point. These things are all covered in the online manual so you might want to go back and review.

The good news is, there’s nothing wrong with your machine.


That good news is great to hear. Just a quick note however the materials I am using are proof grade and it automatically adjust the setting correct? It did it automatically for my first two pieces I did. I did read the manual but I do need to read it again and again looks like. Thanks for tour feedback

If you click the Back button in that menu you will see that it is using Custom settings, not Proofgrade. You can still choose Proofgrade settings at the main menu level. At some point you must have accidentally chosen Custom and it overwrote your settings with the minimum.


Yup yup! The photo really helps. As @cynd11 pointed out, the power is 1 and so its not an issue with the glowforge. Its an operator issue :slight_smile: You need to get your setting screen back to looking like this:

From where you were in your screen shot you just need to click the “back” button (shown highlighted below):


Ok so here it is when I go back still no fire. Even manually Changed the power to full. My screen looks the same as above or am I missing something?. Feeling really stupid here. It automatically goes back to 1.

The photo you just shared has settings correct for a project on medium basswood hardwood so you should have gotten decent engraves. With these settings did you get a failed project with no markings?


To clarify, are you trying to manually do settings?

@shyningdiamond I am so sorry your Glowforge printer laser is not appearing.

It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.