Laser won't work - lots of liquid in tube!

Hi everyone! I recently just got a refurbished GlowForge due to my other one not working anymore. I was so excited to get started back up on printing and I have a business so I have a few orders that I needed to get done and had to actually turned away while waiting for the refurbished printer to come in. When I set up my new printer and turned it on there was a lot of liquid in the tube. I understand there’s supposed to be liquid in it, but there is a lot of bubbles. When I tried to run a cut it would not work. The laser would not fire on, but the head of the printer would do all of the motions as if it was cutting. Since I had a printer before, I am very familiar with using it. I checked all of the settings to make sure that the power wasn’t set to low. it was not and I was using the same exact settings and materials as I have always used with my printer and had no problems. I am providing a video of what tube currently looks like. If I was a betting woman I would think that this might be the reason why the laser is not operating, but I am not sure. It also does not have a purple color when the laser is supposed to work. Since opening up the printer and setting it up I have not been able to make any cuts so far. I have to get this laser working because I have so many orders that I have to complete and I have already turned away a ton. I know that I sent an email to support last Friday and have yet to hear from them and I know they are not the quickest to respond. I am very frustrated and I am hoping that someone on here can help me.

You’ll have to wait for support on this one, unfortunately.

I could make some guesses but it’s nothing that would be fixable on your end.


Thank you for your response - do you think in your opinion that this could be why the laser is not firing? I am not sure if I have one issue on my hand here or two. Thanks!

Yep! You have an air leak in the cooling system. Turn the laser off and unplug it. It’s not safe to operate in that condition. Wait to hear from support. Sorry for the bad news.


:sob: Thanks Jules! Nothing I would be able to just patch up in the mean time? I would hate to have to wait for anoth replacement. :frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Okay, this might be my bad…is that the first time you turned it on after unpacking it? That does seem like a lot of air, but if it’s the first time you turn it on, it might be okay. Let it sit running for a while and see if all the bubbles go away. Don’t try to run a job until it clears.

So I set it up two days ago and have let it sit, try to do runs on it and I am still having all of the bubbles. It make a lot of liquid noises. If it sits without being on or in “idle” or energy saving mode then the bubbles subside tremendously, but once I turn it back on the bubbles get pushed through again. I will post another video of it going from off to on for reference.

I thought the cooling system was sealed? My unit was being stored on its side (short side) when I picked it up from UPS, I had no bubbles in the cooling envelope.

I wonder if the laser tube itself has been damaged releasing its CO2 into the envelope.

Yeah…we’re back to turning it off now. So sorry. :frowning:

Here is a better view. This is my GF going from “off” to “on”

That is also how I received it at my home. It was on its side as well.

Those are some excellent videos - I’d guess that you have a bad spot in the tube right there where the pigtail is attached. (Under the side where we can’t see it.)

If you have a lighted mirror on a stick or a snake cam, you might be able to get in underneath it and you’ll likely see a crack there.

It’s going to mean a replacement I’m afraid. Just go ahead and unplug it.
(Maybe have an extra dessert at the barbeque. Nothing else you can do now.) :neutral_face:

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Hi @cayleecaldwell1,

I am so sorry for the trouble with your Glowforge. I’ve just followed up directly over email with the next steps to get you printing again as quickly as possible. Since we’re communicating there, I am going to close this thread.