Lasercut Optics Bench



This looks like such a cool project!
What a great educational use for a Glowforge.


That’s a great use for a Glowforge! Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked it so I can take a closer look when mine arrives. I’d love to find good educational uses like this.


Neat! :smiley:


This will be great for universities. :wink:


How fantastic!! I’ll have to bookmark this for a rainy day!!


I would eventually love to have a set like this at least to teach my kids. I remember as a kid being fascinated with prisms and splitting light into colors. This set would have been amazing to have back when I was in school. @jkopel Thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile:


This post prompted an idea. If the Forge cuts acrylic with a smooth clear edge, then it could be used to make optics demonstrations. Googled it, and sure enough, it is out there: