Lasered universe sphere


Just saw this and thought I’d share on here because it was made with a laser:


That is great!
I remember when a lady named Margaret first started plotting galactic positions, and the image that emerged. “The Great Wall” as it was called, I believe is the largest structure we know of.
Here is a wiki on it.

About 20 years before I was born we had just figured out that the Milky way was not the entire universe. Wonderful to me how much has gone from science fiction to science fact in my lifetime.

Scientists took a chance pointing the most powerful telescope ever built - at nothing, an empty spot of space. What resulted in my opinion, are the most fantastic images man has ever taken, the HDF’s.

I may have to get in on this one, I have an affinity for astronomy and astrophysics, the root of science - everything else is a derivative.
Wonderful art, thanks for the link!


Dang it! Right after my wife said I wasn’t allowed to spend any more kickstarter/crowdfunding efforts for a while :stuck_out_tongue: Love the way it looks. Will have to look for one later in the year.


I always wondered what it was like when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth @printolaser. :grin: - Rich


Just looking at the picture I thought it was a dandelion in resin. That looks the same :slight_smile:


I’m looking at you Mr Disposable Income. I’m coming for ya, ya hear me?


Very cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I know this is not a Lasered universe, but it is something really cool.


That is pretty cool. I wonder how long it takes to etch something like that.


Those have an amazing look. Perhaps these are printed on metallic paper and the pieces look like they are pivoting from one corner. Pretty cool. - Rich


Oh mannnn that is so cool!! I played around a little with geometry like that for a project once but it never got to anything that amazing haha.

Edit: Wow, just looked at the prices- $100 for a single cube!! I suppose the hinges and magnets contribute to that, but still…


SUPER Neat! Definitely on my “wish to have, but can’t justify the cost” list


Happy cake day to you. And they are out of my budget too.


very cool but to rich for my blood


You can easily make a simpler version for yourself: