Did this on a tile from

Speed 220
Power full
Lines per inch 225
Convert to dots about half way


Stunning! :grinning:

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That is amazing!

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Beautiful turn out!

Loving this and loving all the butterflies on the forum recently!

when you find the right settings for lasertile, they really do look fantastic.

Wow. Gorgeous. Want.

What do you mean “convert to dots about half way”? Are you talking about the density slider?

Thank you for posting your settings! Would you mind posting a pic of the original so we can see what it looked like before you sent it to the GF?

Ooooohh. :heart_eyes: that’s sharp!

Yes, I did not know what to call it.


This is the file I worked with.


That thing is a slider?!

Only used Convert to Dots for the first time yesterday. Thought I had to vary speed/power to change density. Cool.

The slider doesn’t output as linearly a perceptual density as the interface makes you think it will — at least based on what I’ve printed so far, which would make some sense as all materials engrave differently — but it does have some effect over influencing the output besides one’s speed/power choices.

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