Last minute change of date

yesterday at 6 p.m. my date for my email was 12/13. I log in today and now it is the 20! That is seriously a insult, glowforge just does not care!

I think they do care, just a little bit more of attention would be beneficial. I was sad too, yesterday they were going to send out to deliver today, now is 27th. I gave up on attaching myself to dates, because its not even productive anymore. On a more positive note. Still is this month and the waiting game is almost over. Good luck! I hope we will be posting our projects soon. Just wanted to let you know, you are not alone in the frustration.


Nothing wrong with being irritated. But that’s a pretty big assumption. Guessing you just want to vent.

The estimated dates are updated about once a week and the emails also go out in bulk. Last week they thought today for your email. Now after looking at production or logistics they think next week. Pretty simple.


They care. They want happy customers, because this is what will make them successful.

Like any manufacturer, they have upswings and downswings, supply chain issues, manufacturing line problems, etc. They have chosen to give you the BEST shipping estimate they can, based on the latest data. This means the number fluctuates quite a bit. They could have just given you a worst case date, but when asked people said they preferred this.

I know it can be frustrating, but hang in there. Use the time to build a table for it, or to browse the forums here, brush up on Inkscape or Illustrator, and plan some projects.


I suspect the GF staff are seriously overworked at this point. I know when I contacted support I received replies from @Rita on weekends and at odd hours. It is the holiday season here in the US, and instead of taking what I am sure would be some well-deserved vacation, they are still there responding to customers and shipping orders.

So I suspect any lack of attention is due to the workload rather than the individual or some company policy.


I would like to but the vent isn’t shipping until July!:rage:


I’m going to guess they have shifted back to making Pros for a bit. My Basic unit kept creeping forward from Feb to Jan to December, then it stalled and then it moved back a few days. So, I’ll bet we will start seeing Pro units going out for people who were post campaign orders. A bit of salt on the wound but what can you do?

I understand it’s frustrating and I want you to know, they absolutely do care. I had a problem with mine, they had to replace it. The customer service was impeccable. You’ll have a hard finding the kind of customer care I received from any company, let alone a startup. The machine itself is fantastic. I know people complain here a lot about this thing or that but, it would be exhausting to share every success. In my opinion they are doing their best to keep you as informed (and be as transparent) as possible. I know none of that makes up for not having your glow forge and you have every right to be frustrated. It’s worth the wait.


They do not care and I stick to that conclusion! I started looking for my email as soon as I woke up. They do not care that anticipation is a human factor and just play with people emotion and financial lives. This is not the first time they knew they could not perform and held off to the last minute to provide results.

This is not the first time. this is Zeno paradox they just keep changing the mark. this time they did it with in less then a day. they just keep moving the carrot.

They are either being Malicious or incompetent.

strongly disagree.

the best shipping date as of yesterday was today, and now today is a week later?

you seriously will state that the “BEST” shipping estimate?

having their employees overworked is a sign that they don’t care! They would hire the appropriate staff.

I was in the initial 30 days, not post!

it is my belief that the dates pushing out is due to the problems they are having. So you got a replacement before I got my initial order.

If that’s truly how you feel then get a refund and purchase something that will bring you joy.

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Don’t forget the fires in California are affecting a lot of different things.

People getting from place to place, parts and services delayed or cancelled.

not telling how large this disaster is out there.

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ahh… the all ways present… “shut up and sit down” aka get a refund. another sign of “don’t care”.

how about instead!


but I am completely wrong right @dan. I am the big bad that should just go away. I am the malicious one doing wrong to my customers right?

So you are telling me… the fires caused a last minute change to my date??? really they did not know until this morning not in the afternoon yesterday? this is about setting expectations and delivering in a professional manner.

I have pointed out time and time again issues that they would have and to be ignored! I have offered assistance to be ignored. The items I have brought up (compliance, EOL, part availability) have all came to reality even when I offered assistance.

grrr grr grr…

It’s cold comfort, but their commitment to doing things the right way has worked very well. Waiting is brutal, but the machines are really amazing. Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.


On the page showing your ESTIMATED “shipping” date, you will find this directly below the date:

This information is our best forecast based on scheduled production rates. Our forecasting software is still in beta. Your estimated date will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Beta forecasting software. If you see the date on that page as a firm and exact shipping date, you’re doing it wrong. It’s all a guess based on current and scheduled production.

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Better the Zeno paradox than the Zano firebox… that one still burns