Last minute change of date

I didn’t tell you to “sit down and shut up”. I offered you empathy, it’s frustrating, I get it. I waited a long time as well. In return you’ve made it clear you’re angry and won’t be satisfied until glow forge ships your unit. You have every right to be angry. I’m simply saying you have a choice. If you believe everyone at glow forge is actively being malicious and incompetent then why would you continue to wait? I wouldn’t want a product from a company like that. If on the other hand you are just venting your anger then please accept my empathy for your frustration.


We all know this is an option, but are tired of hearing it whenever we express our frustration.

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As mentioned earlier in the thread, they update the shipping estimates every week. Given that, a delay such as you describe is not unusual.

I understand your frustration, especially after having waited for so long. I came close to cancelling my order, but even with the long wait and the issues since getting it, I’m still happy that I waited.

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Let’s also remember that Dan did mention that their supply chain was affected by the wildfires in California. Yes, we are inconvenienced by this delay (my date moved back by two weeks) but there are people who were affected in a much worse way than not having a laser cutter. I’ll take having my family and house safe over having my Glowforge by an “estimated” shipping date.


Nah, I have a pro on order, my date moved another 10 days further out today. I’m guessing the fires in California are causing some issues.

Initially they gave a general range of months.
They care enough to respond to customer requests for more accurate ship dates with a dynamic algorithm that updates based on all contingencies, as they change. When the variables (they have no control over) change, so does your date.
Complaints when people wanted more information, and when they get a tighter estimate and it moves, more complaints and accusations.

Both scenarios reflect customer frustration, not incompetence by the company. The dates remain **estimates,**by investing too much emotionally in them being hard dates - you do it to yourself.

That is an exercise in frustration. Keep Calm and Carry on.


How DARE you bring perspective into this!



Was your estimated shipping date always Dec 13th, or did it maybe jump around in the past too? I don’t think last min readjustments are intented to be any more of an insult or personal slight than those initial predictions, or the subsequent changes.

Its absolutely frustrating, but I think claiming that glowforge is jerking you around, doing it to insult you, or intentionally messing with your emotions or finances (for no possible reason) is more than a bit of a stretch.


yes lets bring perspective into this. I asked months ago if @dan has secured his inventory for builds and he stated “we don’t share our inventory positions” (paraphrased.)

I watch my ship date every day. I understand when it moves to a point, however it did not move until the very day I was “ESTIMATED” to get my letter saying they would start the shipping process (which I suspect is actually the build process).

at this point I strongly suggest people look up the word with the following definition: “inability to do something successfully”

I truly hope the investors in glow forge is reading the forums. The only thing glowforge really has right now is a better mouse trap. So they know they can jerk their customers around and get away with it.

strongly disagree. It would have been a strong possibility if they would delay significantly like they have with out offering hope they would have a wave of people pulling out. I believe they only responded with the “estimated” date as a preservation tactic.

I remember "by the end of October customers would have units " as one of the statements as well!

“they have no control over”??? They have had years to control their inventory levels!!! They have shown time and time again they do not plan well, if they plan better they could have a significant level of control.

for example!!! I have asked about inventory levels well before the fires.
for example!!! I have asked about compliance over a year ago… interesting they had to learn that the hard way (even though there were multiple users like myself asking them about the compliance testing.)

I am sure it is easy to be happy with it, after you received it… really?

No problem, that’s your prerogative.

Compliance certification can’t be accomplished without submitting a final build. They didn’t have one a year ago.
It is entirely possible the weekly update happened the day before your previous estimate, just sayin’. You don’t have to believe that. You are entitled to your own feelings.

@mhumphrey was just trying to ease your pain, just like everyone else.

You checked every day since those dates appeared on accounts, and yours never changed until the day originally forecasted as your “shipping” date? I find that extremely hard to believe. It showed December 13 every day until December 13, and then it changed to December 20 on the 13th? Glowforge has failed to deliver several things they promised, especially when it comes to delivery dates. Their greatest problem has been the multi-year delay in delivering the product. You’re acting as if this was all done purposely to target you. Are you saying these things out of frustration, or do you actually believe them?

I’ve seen attempts at empathy, at discussion, at adding additional perspectives, etc but none of these approaches appear to be welcomed or appreciated. What response is desired?


It seems he wants to time travel back to when he knew all the potential issues, and be hired to fix them.

I disagree mostly (not all) it’s not discussion, it’s not giving empathy, it is defense of the glowforge brand is what I am receiving.
What do I want how about this:have a company deliver a product in which I paid for.

You’re in a customer forum… none of us can deliver your Glowforge, nor can we impact your delivery date in any way. Yeah, things obviously haven’t gone smoothly and mistakes were made. It’s been admitted and apologized for profusely.

We are all in the same boat. At least, we all were at some point. I’m still waiting just like you. It’s the holidays, man. Take a breath. You have no control over this situation. Don’t let it ruin your day.


Then you’re choosing to receive things that way and your mind is already made up. I and many other would like help in what little ways we can, but you seem to be intent on lashing out at the attempts.

I truly hope things work out well for you in whatever way that’s possible.


My estimated shipping notification date was December 12. I also checked for the mail every now and then that day. Didn’t come. On December 13 the notification date moved out a week to December 19. In complete analogy to lgibson’s case. It does happen, and it is frustrating.

Like most manufacturing situations they plan to not have all the thousands of each part to build the entire backlog of machines at the beginning. They have contracts for continuous delivery of parts. Dan has stated this in the past. As is well known, sometimes those deliveries get messed up, or bad parts are delivered, and production is negatively affected.

They update the estimated delivery dates on at least a weekly basis. It’s a schedule driven process. I assumed the 13th was a week after the last update and plans changed pushing pro’s back a week. Maybe they decided to keep focusing on basics. Maybe the bad events happened on the 12th, maybe earlier. If earlier, it would have been nice to update the estimated notification dates.