Last minute request from co-worker

So the other day, a co-worker asked if I could make something for her mother-in-law for “tomorrow”. She wanted a cross about 12-15 inches. I asked what kind? what do you want on it. She stated “Anything, just something ornate-use your imagination…”
So with no more info, I got home around midnight that night and worked until 6am to make this for her (most of the time was spent designing and cleaning nodes,etc. the rest was the 40+minutes for each 16 minute cut due to the temp here in Tucson. Was 62 outside, but with 100 during the day, my house was about 77 degrees :tired_face::cold_sweat:
(We had a freeze about a month ago that split my water line on the roof to the swamp cooler - what we use here in AZ for cooling if you don’t want AC- Haven’t had time to replace the copper line…)
Anyhoo - this is what I came out with - acrylic (granite-look) for back then 2 proofgrades for the wood. (also messed one piece of :proofgrade: when it didn’t cut through and I moved the piece…)

It’s about 14 inches tall… came out ok - didn’t have time to adjust kerf to make tighter fits, but the black “line” from the edges actually looks pretty good - she didn’t realize they were two diff woods at first -wondered how I got the different colors…


That’s a very wonderful piece…especially for a last minute request and you staying up most of the night to finish it. It was very kind of you to accommodate your co-worker in that way.


Wow … really nice! Love the combination of materials you selected. I’m sure your co-worker and his mother-in-law were thrilled!


Stunning! I like the black lines, defines the change.

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I love the response " Oh. Just any ole thing… just make it really ornate!" And you did anyway. I have lived in Tucson and even with the swamp box working it is hard to imagine getting much done.

I am in Florida with 2inches of new insulation on a new roof and a new AC and just now gave up till this evening as Puff was doing more panting than puffing

You did an outstanding job on it! Now, get some sleep.

Nice work!

I also have lived in Tucson and can’t imagine trying to run even a Pro there too well. Especially with just a swamp! Good luck.

What a kind gesture for your coworker! Looks like the almost-all-nighter was worth it to make this ornate piece.

You did a great job on this.

Beautiful inlay work! :grinning:

Way better than just ok. Excellent work. Always nice to hear the story behind the picture.