Last minute school Prep

Of course my kid needs 60 pencils and his name on every one of them. Fortunately, while using the score and vector line letters, I can do about 10 in around a minute.

Do use a jig. I started without and couldn’t get them consistently lined up. The ferrules creating differing angles hasn’t been as bad as when the glowforge decided to auto focus BETWEEN the darn pencils. Still worked sort of but they are fussy.


This was pencil jig was given to us.


As darling as that is, did I mention school starts in less than 24 hours?
Yes, I’m still totally freaked out considering the Children’s Hospitals in my state have no ICU room because of all the Delta covid cases.
I just ripped a flap off one of the boxes I got in the post, cut 20 rectangles out of it and am marking 20 pencils at a time. If I was going to do something more intricate, I bet that one would be very nice. My husband offered to 3d print me something similar, but again, last minute. :sweat_smile:


I’ve been making personalized pencils lately. It’s just a nice fun little project isn’t it? A little break from the big complex creations some people make.


I bet it is…unless you have less than 24 hours to do them all

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