Last minute Valentine’s Day

When you can’t think of the right gift a laser is pretty handy!


Very clever! A lasting memory…

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Now that you have a Glowforge, when you put it off and need a last minute gift, you go upscale from $25 bucks worth of lottery tickets bought on the way home.

Looks great. Bet she loved it…


Yep, she’s gonna love it! :grinning:

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That is really great!!

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Thanks everyone! She did love it. A little too much. She said she loves it the best of of all the things I’ve made her. This took me a couple hours and i’ve made her things that took a hundred hours. Maybe she means what I’ve made her on the laser. Either way I need to try to stay on this side of the appreciation/effort ratio. :grinning:

I would share my files but I “borrowed” way too much to share it as my own.