Last minute Valentine's day Card

I am not sure if I can promote my own shop here, so feel free to let me know and I can remove the thread but I thought this way I could reach the right people :slight_smile:

I made this valentine’s card design and it’s now up for sale on my Etsy:!Photo Jan 28, 12 30 58 PM|375x500

Also, a question for the group: Do you usually buy designs from other Glowforge owners or you are the type of person that wants to give it a shot themselves? I would love to know!

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Very nice! I think you can add your shop information to your profile also.

I am the kind of person that is up for a challenge usually. If I see a design or idea I like, I will sometimes try to make it my own. That being said, I tend to focus more on machines and gears made with my :glowforge:.


Very nice! I think you can add your shop information to your profile also.

Thanks, I didn’t know that!


Yeah, I’m a make-it-myself person, but I’ve bought a few designs that were wildly cool and different both to support the artist and to save myself the time to have to figure out how to make it myself!


Actually, since you don’t mention settings your post could go into the Made On A Glowforge category where it might generate more interest. Shall I move it for you? Or you can do it if you like.


i purchase a lot of designs as i don’t have time or skill to do it myself at this point…maybe when i retire i can ‘begin’ to learn how to do it :grinning:


I do both–I will buy designs and cut them as is or modify them, and I will create my own items or challenge myself to replicate (or, more accurately, create something similar to) something I see here or on Etsy.

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