Last Years Christmas gift for my daughter

Long time lurker, first time poster. This is a dollhouse I made for my daughter after seeing her happily playing with a similar model at a Doctors office. The design is my imitation of the award winning “All Seasons” dollhouse by Hape. The structure is .75” red oak with a 1/8” channel cut into it for all of the glow forge cut pieces to fit into. The door is 1/4 draftboard. I reverse engineered the dimensions and plans from product images and packaging dimensions using tools such as these:

The roof pieces are removable, and the moveable stairs will connect any two sections of flooring.


Fabulous modular dollhouse—looks like she is putting it to full use!


What a neat design! So much room for imaginative play. Love your take on the movable stairs!


Beautiful. A family heirloom to be passed down for generations.


This is an awesome job that I am sure your daughter will cherish for ever. I may be putting some of these concepts in to the next dollhouse I build for ever growing number of great grandchildren.

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What a great design. Fantastic job, I can’t even imagine being able to pull that off… especially that well.

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Did you hand paint the ivy on the door? It’s brilliant - I love the diverse groups of playmates that she has in the house!

So, I scored or engraved the design (I forget which) then left the tape on the draft board as a stencil

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Reminds me of the one we picked up second hand for the grandchildren. I’ve always felt it should have staircases … even though it’s not designed in a way for their use.

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