Laster etching on plywoood with frame and double handle for dust collection


Some initial trials on the GF. Burned this etching of an agave field onto some plywood. I was having trouble getting it to process the image so I ended up slicing it into 4 smaller images then decided to just space them out and frame them like a series instead of one picture. Turned out pretty good for a first try.

Then built a handle for some 6" dust collection tubing I have. Multiple pieces that fit together like a little puzzle but seem to work great.


Brilliant :sunglasses:


Oh I love that wall hanging. Amazing!


I like the 4 panels separate then framed…much more interesting that way :grinning:


Yeah I love that technique with splitting the panels! I’d do it deliberately! :grinning:


AKA a quadtych. :wink:

Looks fantastic. I’m looking to do some multi-piece works some day. Yours is inspiring. :slight_smile:

Edit: Didn’t mean to do a direct reply. I was referring to the original post. :nerd_face:


Brilliant way around the engrave size bug sir.


That engraving just POPS out at you!


Phenomenal. I really love your choices in framing and backgrounds as well as the stunning subject.

Loving your DHDC - the little “puzzle” joints are +1


Sweet! The four section split is endearing. I can imagine some creative wall hangings coming about by splitting photos into various segments with different engrave settings.


LOVE the engraving and as everyone else seems to agree…love that it’s in four different sections.


And a bug becomes a feature.

For this image I prefer the quadtych style. Great job.


Many times for me there is an emergent inspiration while in the middle of a project. I love it when that happens.
@rambosmail, I agree with the crowd here, like looking through a window across the pineapple field. :sunglasses: - Or is it agave…


Really creative! Nice way to get around restrictions!