Late breaking news: Dan speaking tonight in SF


My good friend Brady cofounded the Ignite series a decade ago in Seattle with a public school teacher named Bre Pettis (yes, that Bre Pettis). I was there at the very first one and gave a talk about startups. So when Brady asked me to jump in this evening with a talk for Ignite SF, I had to agree. If you happen to be around, you can see me speak for five minutes on a topic totally unrelated to lasers: “It’s a very old game that you probably never played”. Be sure to come up after and say hello!


I remember digging up your startup talk last fall when I was trying to figure out if you were for real. It helped convince me. Here’s a useful link to another one of your talks. I think I should do my homilies like this. My parishioners would like it if I went a little faster.


This adds some background to his desire to create that drone with the rubber band gattling guns too!


HAH… too funny. :smiley:

Heh. I’d be afraid to see Dan on 5 cups of coffee…


Thanks for the heads up Dan! As a non-Californian resident can you let us know when they post the talk? :slight_smile: I would love to see it!

Edit: I had the wrong location.


I think Dan really needed one more coffee before he did that presentation. :grinning:


Just to be clear, this one is in San Francisco. It seems to be that they are all recorded and uploaded.


Correct, SF. Confusing matters, there’s an ignite in Seattle tonight too.


By the way: good luck. I’m sure you will knock them off their socks!

And can we play, “Guess the game?” I say, kick the can

Kick the Can was a game that I loved as a kid. Hide and Seek that could go on forever if someone managed to sneak in and kick the can without being caught.


Thank you! It was a very fun time.

I will give you a hint: the name came from a conversation with Glowforge investor Jordan Weisman who was describing a new game he was building called Necropolis. He said “It’s based on a very old game, that you probably haven’t played”.


Here’s Weismann talking about necropolis to shacknews. Might contain a hint

A completely unrelated takeaway from this is that he mentioned BattleTech was coming back! I remember us planning a train trip when I was 14 around the country and I adamantly argued for Chicago to be a stop so that I could go by the Battletech center there. I had read about it in magazines and it looked amazing.