Late Valentines Day


I made this heart tree today, there are many like it so this blog post I wrote is mainly about the process and an easy way of achieving the style with multiple leaves with slightly differing colours. I hope you like it.




Love the shades of red on the hearts!


Very cool! :grinning:


Great colors. Colored pencils? water colors? Must…know…all…the…techniques…! :slight_smile:


Just acrylic, I put a dob of raw in the middle and washed it round with a wet paint brush.
Next time I’d water it down to start with and hope for a bigger colour change


That heart tree is super sweet. Such a neat idea!


Loving the ombre effect of the coloring!


You mean you didn’t want to just cut the hearts out and place them willy nilly around the tree? (Been there done that…lol) :rofl: Turned out beautifully. And perfect placement!


I did another one and this one worked just as well, I definitely like this style.