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Is there some preference setting that will push my unread 'latest ’ threads up to the top, so that I don’t have to scroll down endless (currently 162 threads) greyed out posts ?
It was only recently that I discovered all the posts in that category didn’t appear in the ‘Unread’ one. Still don’t understand why, but just accept it, and carrying on reading.


It may be that we are at cross purposes here, but my browser shows something quite different.
At the moment, the Unread category shows 7 unread threads.
If I go to the Latest category, the same 7 are visible at the top of the list, but if I use the page down key, after about 19 pages, I find several posts that have been put up only a few days ago.
The first one I came to was 4 days ago.
So I feel that my first observation did state the problem fairly clearly.
I’ve just re-checked and found another oddity.
I now have only four unread posts, having read 3. They have now appeared in the Latest, but greyed out.
OK, that’s what i would expect, but immediately under them has appeared 2 posts, made in the last 15 minutes, that haven’t appeared in the Unread category !

Go figure.


Unread only shows topics you are tracking, whereas Latest shows them all. In Preferences, under Notifications, there’s an option for “Automatically track topics I enter”, which you could set to Immediately if you want everything you look at to be tracked by default.