Latest Improvements on the Side: 11/6/17 Latest Improvements


Discussion of the November Update

Great idea! Oh by the way, today is 11/6/17, not 11/16/17. :laughing:


“From now on, we’re including Latest Improvements in the sidebar”

I don’t see a sidebar, nor any latest improvements at that link.


You are forgetting the possibility of a laser-cut flux capacitor.


I think it would be helpful if you had a link back to whats new as breadcrumbs on the top of each individual item page as well


What sidebar, where?


Oh good - I can use the extra time! fixed :slight_smile:


fixed? still no sidebar


And I see we get a glimpse into the future too :grinning:


We debated whether to post LI content before or after the changes take effect. Your feedback was strongly in favor of “tell us what’s coming, not what happened”, so we post it before the changes take place. We write it in the present tense because it’s usually pretty quick that it happens.

Suggestions are welcome!


I think they mean
at very bottom of

You will see this (arrow) that takes you to

Happy Trails


Got it, thanks!


It’s really one of the most confusing announcements I’ve ever seen.


I think you’ll see that, historically, this has caused confusion. I can’t speak for everybody, so for myself I’ll say… I want to know what’s about to happen and approximately when it will happen. “We’re going to implement this change on or about {date}.” This way if it doesn’t work right away we can just kinda go “Oh, it’s not here yet. I’ll check tomorrow.”


I’m not sure I’d agree that a small button tucked at the very bottom of the site’s homepage (probably rarely visited by owners, and not at all a siderbar) is the best or easiest way to keep up with changes and improvements…

Perhaps a link to a release notes changelog (or changeblog) page, posted at the top right sidebar of as well as pinned to the top of the forum?


I think that’s the sidebar they’re referring to, though the announcement obviously isn’t clear.


I think it is another case of Glowforge having their own version of English. They talk about the future in the present tense. That is what mislead us two years ago.


I would have thought so too, but after checking the webapp there was nothing to be found. The only place I saw the listing was on the bottom of the main page.

I guess it’s more of Glowforge’s misleading marketing speak in action… promises months before delivery, shipment notifications well in advance of actual shipments, and speaking of future changes as if they’re already implemented. It’s a deceptive practice that I wish they would stop engaging in, looking back over the last 2 years the one thing I wish is that the company was more honest.


My guess is that this refers to the sidebar in the GFUI (app) as opposed to any public facing property, but don’t know for sure.


I’d like announcements to be in the correct tense and using accepted definitions of words. I think most people can perform the mental gymnastics to understand that something written in the past may be conjugated differently than they would be if they had been written only moments before being read.

The earlier announcements get made, the better.