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Ummm…were you here for the presidential primaries (or debates) this year? :grin:

You’re right about the maker thing though. This is an incredible time to be alive and creative. For most of the history of man, the tools to realize the visions creative people had were either too expensive, rare or required some other talent that prevented those visions from taking shape.

Today the tools are available, accessible and affordable. They allow for the ability to focus on the vision instead of the logistics of realization.


I try to avoid politics as much as humanly possible. I’m aware, but mainly in the brief flashes on Facebook from my more politically charged friends and things like SNL, South Park (and other comedies and comedians) where all things political are nothing but jokes… so I wouldn’t say that I have anything more than a tenuous grasp on the realities of what is going to happen to this country in a couple of weeks, regardless of the outcome of the election.


I watch it every year, and every year it seems less like fiction. :cry:


Alas, I married a bright political science student. He turned me into a politics junkie, and then got his career going in I.T. I might be a calmer person if I were less politically active; but I’m afraid it isn’t to be.

Unlike Olympics, which I love with my whole soul every two years, politics is an ongoing obsession with me… more’s the pity.


I envy you.

Right now I just keep hearing “danger Will Robinson, danger” and visions of monstrously large Costcos.


I have to watch politics. Much as I hate it, I enjoy being caught flat-footed less.:unamused:
(Can’t talk about it though. Tends to scare sapient beings half to death.)


Dan, Although I EAGER to have mu GF at home, I appreciate your honesty :slight_smile: I can wait, no problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!!


But Brawndo has what plants crave!


Thanks Dan. Best update yet.


I’m a January kid. It’s still Christmas to me. :wink:


Thanks @dan for the update. I was off grid for three days and thinking of the communication streams you must juggle. As active as you are in this forum, then you have the whole beta thing to keep up with and all the other. Can’t imagine the crunch you are all under. Regardless, I’m in for the long haul.


Maybe not, but we’re definitely at the point where you can find plenty of people who don’t understand why that part of the movie is funny.

What do we want? Limitless patience. When do we want it? NOOOOOW!




…and commence the flurry of questions.

Dan & Co:

I have been patiently waiting for a year, and I will continue to wait until it is completely ready, be that December or some other date. I understand the road I signed up for when I put my money on the table. Keep up with the hard work and transparency, and I will be looking forward to when I have an awesome product show up on my doorstep.


Happy Cakeday!


Enjoy your day of the cake! :grinning:


I just wanted to say thank you for the update. I appreciate your balancing the need to devote most of your time to issues that get the best Glowforge to us as fast as possible with the need to keep us informed.

I’m anxious to get my hands on mine!


Thanks so much for the kind words from so many of you. We’re all working long days and nights to make this happen, and it means a lot to everyone that we have all of you to work for.


@dan, while the multiple delays have been very disheartening and made me (like others) question the end product, it’s understandable why the delays happened. Thank you and the team for all the hard work.

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@dan, thanks for the update. Can you clarify what happens between December and March? Sadly, I made my order on Oct 25, 2015 @ 12:05AM, which is after the end of crowdfunding.

Every time I read this sentence from you: “Our schedule is still unchanged: ship 30-day crowdfunding units in December and units ordered subsequently in March”, I imagine a big push to ship the pre-orders in December, then you guys taking off to Tahiti for January and February, then coming back to ship more in March.

Please tell me I’m wrong! Will you be shipping continuously after December? And, hopefully, in the order… ordered?