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Merci! This is exactly what I’m thinking about!

Does anyone know which shipping company glowforge will b using?

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When your unit is ready for delivery, we will confirm your shipping location. If you change countries, we’ll refund (or charge) the difference. We haven’t announced which shipper we will use yet.


Thanks for that bit of info Dan. Still burning that midnight oil, eh?

May I make a suggestion/request? Please don’t use UPS for the Canuck shipments if at all possible. They’re brokerage fees are scales of magnitude higher than the competition. Your customers north of the border will thank you.

A kind forum user linked me to the Canadian thread. Really good stuff in there, lots of answers and even more questions. Trying to wrap my head around it is a bit of logic puzzle, I look forward to getting a little time to think it out.

Get some rest there buds.


I will pass that recommendation along to the operations team! Thanks. :slight_smile:


For international shipping, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than DHL. I used to work for an engineering firm which shipped sensitive seismological equipment. They used DHL consistently, and barely had any issues. There was one occasion (over the course of 10 years or so) where an instrument was damaged in shipping, and their customer service was fantastic: although it was an accident that it was damaged, they refunded the cost of the entire instrument, shipping, and gave the company future shipping credit.

So, DHL would be my humble recommendation.


To add to that, USPS seems to be the easiest for me as a Canadian that gets stuff through the mail quite frequently. They hand over to Canada Post. The tracking still works and (in the case of small stuff) it just gets put in my community mailbox.

Lucky guys! Tracking never works coming the other way… =\

65 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes left to ship initial shipments! Seems like forever!
But not as bad as my 155 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes!

I wonder if they have a big red 7-segment LED clock at GF HQ with that countdown on it… When I imagine GF HQ, it’s there.


As far as I understand as soon as a USPS tracking number is generated with a destination in Canada it also generates on on the Canada Post side. Must not be set up that way on the Canada Post side!

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I commiserate with you. I was very late to this party. I will consider my self very lucky if I get my GF 155 days from now. :cry: - Rich


Do you think Tom Hanks may have gotten off the island quicker if a GF was in one of the boxes on “Castaway” ???


I think it would have been a better friend than Wilson. :slight_smile: - Rich


Nah. How would he connect to the cloud? :slight_smile:


Both Geordi and Scotty failed to learn from the PERT estimation method of the “past”. :wink:


Yeah! My stuff ALWAYS gets lost in the mail… I trust no one! :rolling_eyes:


Not even Dan?


well cool good update still can’t wait

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You are in San Jose? there are a few Glowforgers on the map there. Surely someone gets the first shipment would be able to give you a a lookielou. I have a few in Mid Missouri and would be happy to make first contact.


I’m in a weird mood tonight-- this was the first thing I thought of…


I thought the exact same thing