Latest Topics - really?

Is there any way to constrain the ‘Latest’ topic category, so that that is what it shows ?

When I go there, it might show one or two posts that have appeared in the last few hours or days, but having read them, I then have to scroll down 50+ greyed out posts before another ‘latest post’ might appear.
As I try to keep up with the ‘New posts’ or ‘Unread’ ones, I check out this category expecting to pick up on threads that I’ve missed in the past.
I don’t understand really the point of this section, anyway.
If a thread has started that I haven’t read, I would expect to find it in ‘New’, whenever it was started. If I had visited it, and new posts had been added, then ‘Unread’ seems appropriate.

Just my two pennyworth.
John :upside_down_face:

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Thinking you can get what you need with different settings on your part. New is for a brand new unread topic, Unread is topic I have been to previously that has a new post, and Latest is a chronological list topic activity including those I have read and unread.

If you are missing topics it might be because you have the New category selected incorrectly. Under Notifications make sure that topics are considered new if “I haven’t read them yet”. For Unread, make sure that all topics are being tracked. The latest just shows which topics have had activity whether or not you have read them.

This is the one that seems to be odd, to me. I’m happy with the other two, but would definitely like to reset this one.
I’ve just scanned through Preferences, but can’t see any possible settings for this.
John :upside_down_face:
If a post has new activity, surely it’s going to show up in the Unread list ?

The design seems to be that ‘Latest’ does not take into consideration whether you’ve ever interacted with the topic. It is simple a chronological listing of topics. For all categories but ‘Problems and Support’ they are listed by time of last post. For ‘Problems and Support’ they are listed by first post - this way one can easily find older open support topics.

The only posts that don’t show up for me are Rita’s announcements of updated software when she doesn’t put them in any category.

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You might be interested in this search:

in:unseen in:first

That shows you “new” posts that you missed from the past. You can constrain it to a category too if you just want to see old #glowforge-project-examples for example.


That’s amazing.
Now I have a new respect for those that can code, and have a much deeper understanding than I.
Thank you for that example.
John :upside_down_face:


Thanks community!

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