Latest unworthy from glowforge


Cube screen :japanese_ogre:


How big are each?


Unworthy? No, worthy!


I thhink it makes a cool divdier! :upside_down_face:


That exists.


If I wasn’t working from home, could totally see this…especially in places in the office where the sun comes through into your eyes.


Passthrough? Just kidding. Awesome.


4"X12" eight of them total, press fit

3 ply Baltic birch

They were the cut offs from the Baltic birch which was 12x24


Dude, so much space for lasering on those panels!!! I wouldn’t be able to leave a surface un-lasered :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely done project though!


I’m now waiting for a post from @Sawa about laser cut GM/DM screens.


This weekend is for putting stuff on them :japanese_ogre:


How about each of the avengers on the Panels?


I was thinking math equations :japanese_ogre:


Do you want me to make DM screens? This is how you get me to make DM screens.

But right now I’m still super busy making all kinds of other stuff.