Layer Selection in GFUI

I have 4 layers in my object in the GFUI. I need to resize one of them, however it’s a smaller circle inside a larger circle and I cannot seem to isolate it from the other layers. Tried Ctrl+Click, Alt+Click…

Anybody know of a way?


If any object is bounded by another object, or even overlapping, you can’t select it separately. You have to do it in AI. And layers don’t mean anything to the Glowforge, except the ones that are turned off in the export to SVG.

Think in terms of colors. Layers does help in organizing and layout in AI or Inkscape, but they are all made one in GFUI.


Is it a layer, or an operation? I didnt think the GFUI supported layers, as in the same way we are familiar with layers in a design program.

If you need to be able to “isolate” or select an item separate from another, which is assigned to the same operation, I believe you need to do that in the design program and make it a different color to make it a different operation.


Each ‘asset’ needs to be a different color. Anything that has the same color well be treated as a ‘group’.


Ugh. That’s a killer in this case. Making a necklace charm and I want the hole to be the same size regardless of how big I make the charm. Oh well. Thanks for the info though! :slight_smile:

It is both. Problem is it sits on another.[quote=“karaelena, post:4, topic:8642”]
Each ‘asset’ needs to be a different color.

It is. It has the correct operation. I just want to resize it independently of the rest of the layers but, apparently, that’s not possible.

My “solution” was to move my hole to the side of the rest of the object so I could select it by itself. That seems to have allowed me to, generally, do what I’m looking for here. It’s not ideal. I’d certainly prefer a way to select each layer independently as the GFUI sees them.



Yes. That’s the way to do it. You lose exact and repeatable placement, but it does allow you to work on each object distinctly. There have been many times I’ve accidently overlapped parts in Inkscape as I moved them around for nesting. They would be overlapped in the GFUI and I couldn’t disconnect. Have to go back out and check them all as discrete.

One of the preflight checks that I do on all the designs.


Yep! That’s what I’m doing now that I know about the different color per layer concept. :slight_smile:

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Good feedback on grouping in the UI, thanks! (cc @tony)