Layered lion necklace


Should I start adding these to my other posts, or should I keep posting them as separate threads?

Not as happy with this one, but hey…I’m experimenting.

Couldn’t find the best place for the chain holes. The tail wasn’t the right place – it’s too flimsy.


Definitely separate threads!

Punk rock lion with a nose ring? :slight_smile:


Agree on separate threads. Not so sure about the nose ring.


I don’t see it I guess.


My desire to make one is just a whimaway, a whimaway, …




Grooooooan! :sunglasses::+1:


That one.


And on that note I think I’ll go to sleep…


Going back to the time of 600 x 400 resolution


Really?! I think it’s absolutely fantastic!
I do understand the flimsy. I had to redo a recent job because of that.

Definitely +1 on the separate posts!


Thanks. I guess the engraved markings didn’t come out as crisp as I would have liked.


Wow, I really like this one! And separate posts please; I’m much more likely to look at a new post than to read a reply on an old one.


Maybe make his tail curve around and be another part of a second layer that is overlaid on his side flank? Then, you could attach the chain on his lower back? Not sure if that would lay straight. Looks cool though!


Your work has a unique aesthetic. Post 'em all!