Layered Project (to be laser made)

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Inspired by an earlier post, I wanted to comment on one of the projects that I have been meaning to tackle since before laser tech was a possibility in the deepest recesses of my mind (shout out to @Dan @Tony and the rest of the Glowforge team for making dreams we didn’t even know we had plausibly possible realities.)
In the spirit of the Florida/Island feel I was going to make tiki masks much like these. I think they would be a great 2~3 layer project that would look great surrounded by palm trees and sea grass. I was going to just cut them out with a jig saw, and depending on simplicity and such I may, but I think they’d be cool.

I want to hang them on my fence


I think it would be an awesome use for the Glowforge!

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aloha oe :wink:

This could be pretty awesome.

How do you picture the layers?

Main shape as bottom layer obviously.

Teeth as second layer. Maybe also pupils.

Everything else third layer

Not sure if there is more which would be appropriate for layer differentiation. Kinda feel like the highlight segments along the cheeks and other large swaths of “skin” should be a second layer thing. Also feels appropriate do multi-layer the neck embellishments. But not sure how to do those in a way that looks good, so probably best to just color them.

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The teeth could also be part of the bottom layer, since they are meant to be within the mouth.

I would imagine the bottom layer, including eye holes, mouth holes, and teeth.
Mid layer would have the “inside lips”, nose, and "eye surround"
Top layer would be outside lips, and some other decorations.

But there’s many ways of doing that. You might even want to consider doing more than 2-3 layers, but making the layers thinner.

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Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines
Set the underlying shape of the face as the base layer and then either do all of the features of that face on a second layer (I’d almost want to use a stencil to simplify getting the two tone painting for the shading right - especially if I was going to reuse the template) or set the pupils and teeth as a second layer (as opposed to just painting them in) and then using the third layer for all of the accouterments and decorative face paint.
Might be really interesting to laser cut and assemble some cool looking tribal jewelry to go along with it. I had a friend who used to make pieces out of bone that looked really tribal, but I almost think you could do effective bone style jewelry out of a dense, light colored wood like maple.
Another concern is water proofing if they are going to sit outside… I’m not even going to consider laser cutting pressure treated plywood lol. I’m a laser noob - not dense :wink:

That’s absolutely true as well. My plan for the jig saw tikis was to use 3/4" ply. with the GF i’ll have to stick to under 1/4" layers (unless I make small versions of them. and then there is the whole Idea of using different colored papers or leather to create roll able or frame-able versions. another idea is to use bamboo stalks laminated together and just do silhouettes