Layered Six Pointed Star Tray assembly


This is my first time using the community posts. I printed out the free layered six pointed star tray and having difficulty with assembly. Has anyone used this design and successfully put it together?

Hmmm, @Jules designed that one, so hopefully she’ll poke her head in soonish and be able to help you out. Might help if you could specify where you’re stuck, so she knows what to address!

Thank you for responding. Directions on putting the entire design together would help :slight_smile: :grinning: . I get the larger stars are on top and the smaller ones follow. However, there are two smaller cut out whole stars that I have no idea where to place.

Most designs that come from the catalog include instructions under the 3 dot menu and Design Details - I just downloaded this one, and it has a bunch of instructions, so go there :slight_smile:


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