Lazy Shelf Garland Hook

If there’s one thing this time at home has been good for, it’s finding little annoyances to fix. I put together a little above-closet shelf in my office. The garland I wanted to string along it kept bumping me in the head when I’d go in.

I wanted something to prop up the center that was simple, could be pressure fit so it didn’t mar the shelf, and was transparent so there wasn’t a visual break. I came up with a really basic hook design that I could move around as needed.

shelf hook v3

It’s not the prettiest, but it works perfectly. :ok_hand:


Great practical cut!

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Great job!!!

Just curious, why stop at one?
Five would have given it a nice chained look.

Perfect practical solution!

Great question - if it were longer I might, but as it is the hook is aligned with the seam of the two sliding doors. :slight_smile: