Lead times / factory build times / committed ship date / regulatory certifications

Not sure which industry you are referring to…and are you asking if they know what you are asking, or are they going to tell you what you are asking? Two different things…


Would you comment right now if you absolutely knew that delivery was going to be postponed past July 31?


Flextronics is a top contract manufacturer so the issues of extended leadtime on parts that could delay the build they would have known months ago (I work as in supply chain at a competing firm :wink:) Trust me, they know how to escalate with their suppliers and they would have had the pipeline ordered when Flextronics and Glowforge partnered. They know how to how to do these box builds like this and they have customers bigger then Glowforge.

Point here is that Glowforge picked a great partner who knows how to work in an allocated market.

Having that said. Memory and oscillators has been a pain in the bum but I’m certain Flex has that under control


I’m not good at hypotheticals… I don’t see why not?


If I’m reading the sub text to this correctly, :heart: :heart: :heart:


I was thinning the very came thing Bill.
I’m kinda loving Dan’s

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It is a nice laser cutter, and I don’t doubt a lot of people will be happy with it, but even the basic doesn’t do half of what is advertised. No continuously variable auto focus, no double sided cuts, no kerf compensation, no DXF import, smaller build area.

And I don’t think it unreasonable that a customer who has paid for something to ask when it will be delivered after it is 18 months late and expect an honest answer.


That wasn’t really the question posed. That question has been answered (see the top of the page here). The questions asked are details about the process in order to to make an assumption or story about whether or not one wants to believe that answer is true or not, I think. The actual shipping window has been specified.


Those are all software issues, which while annoying if they weren’t there at ship time, could be implemented at any point independently of hardware delivery. Hardware problems are a way bigger issue. Software obviously will continue to evolve forever, rather than hardware which does have a hard freeze date.


You’re surely joking. There have been several dates at the top of the screen and all the previous ones have been shown to have been never possible but stayed there until they expired. Why would anybody believe this one? So it isn’t surprising people ask for some supporting evidence. And it wouldn’t give way any trade secrets to simple say “yes we have all the parts in stock and the approvals are granted or are expected to arrive in time to allow July deliveries”.

Yes but how long afterwards? The rate of software development seems like these will be years away. And why on earth is the build area smaller than it should be after years of development?


I am assuming it has to do partly with the camera image dewarping since it’s too warped to do precision placement out there anyway at this build along with the motion controller tweaks that were mentioned. Dan did mention that at ship time that would be resolved, which given how reticent he is to make definitive statements lends me to assume they know exactly what the fix is for that…


Also we don’t know what the beta users have as builds (the PRU builds I imagine are behind those beta users)

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Following that logic, what difference does it make what answer they give? They could say, “yep, got all the parts sitting here under my desk” or “yep, all certs are ready” and you’d have no more objective assurance than you have today.

Even if they have everything sitting in Dan’s garage, there’s no way to know except for looking at every one of every piece of tech (“please Dan, show us the results of testing every resistor for every one of the 10,000 machines and then do that again for every capacitor and every LED and…”).

If they’re lying about being on schedule then they could lie about the parts or the certs or whether you’re going to get yours in order or at the very end of the 10,000.

Since there is no demonstrably objective way for them to prove it except for you getting one in your hot little hands, you’re doing nothing to advance knowledge or the community by your incessant arguing as to why more information would be better.


As I said – the question has been answered. Now you are asking a different question – should you believe the answer? That is up to you.

Asking a series of other questions that allows someone on the outside of GF to create a story about whether the aforementioned answer is true – that is another matter. But it is not a question about when will GF ship – it is a question about whether or not one can get other information believed to be the keystones of this process that will allow one to determine whether or not to believe the answer provided.

The bottom line comes down to trust – does one believe the dates provided or not? If you do, great. If you don’t, great.

Either way, it will ship when it ships and all the expectations and externally created scenarios in the world won’t change that.


unless they break time and it ships before it ships, causing temporal paradoxes that manifest in wild and unbelievable world events.

Granted, that may have already happened.


This, more than pretty much anything else, is the one comment that could make me feel better. Praise coming from a competitor is something to take note of so thank you.


LOL! :grinning:

I think it already did :open_mouth:


It’s not a hypothetical - it’s a straight yes or no answer.

You really need to stop talking to those lawyers! :slight_smile:


Well we are deja vu-ing it with some of the questions again. Must be the beginning of another month.


Future me says, I am going to have had mine for a while by the time he will have had let me know this.