Learn a new language!


Saw a band with a one handed guitar player the other day. He had a prosthetic attachment that he used to pick and strum with and his real hand for the fretboard. Sounded great.


…why “the outside” of course! :sunglasses:


We call them accordions, I’m left handed and that’s how I made music on a keyboard. :sunglasses: Pianos you play chords with the left and melody with the right. On my accordion I played melody with left and chords with right. I also had to learn the guitar upside down, it was too hard to restring a borrowed guitar.

I also golf right, but putt left. It’s interesting…


Do you carry a left-handed iron or do you always play from the fairway? My dad could switch hit and play right or left-handed golf clubs, but he isn’t truly ambidextrous. I inherited none of it. I have a friend who owns both right and left handed golf clubs. He gets more distance when playing right-handed and more accuracy when playing left.


I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!


I had right handed clubs (learned to bat right handed) but left handed putters.


When I was little I thought that using scissors was just always kinda painful and that was just that, until I realized that my left-handed mother only purchased left-handed scissors. :man_facepalming: