Learning to play guitar again (and doing as ambien is kicking in

Learned the basic chords reasonably well (barr chords are a bit buzzy, just need to map distortion to cover that up a little . fingers still tender. still stumbling over barr chords need to learn the rhythm guitar part (long with the vocals. and right now while a generic version of ambian is making my head flow and all the e letters for the chords are moving/blurring a bit to keep me from reading it well.

soulshine (playing the govt mule version (with little milton (not the strait up allman brothers version.

works great in my head. still some strumming patterns that mess up my singing and vice versa. but i need to learn how to play my part for this and 2-3 other songs. my ambien makes it hard to focus.

but i think i’ve beaten up my fingers enough for tonight.


Where did your fingertip callus go man? Have you been neglecting your ax?


damn, ambien was kicking in. i don’t remember typing this last night :).

and yes, i’ve neglected for years. i was never that good of a guitar player, and i’ve always been self-deprecative about my guitar playing skill. but listening to an old tape of me playing 20+ years ago reminded me that while i wasn’t all that good, i wasn’t nearly as bad as my memory told me i was. i’m just severely out of practice. so working on it again so i can do some background fill-in sound for my band again.


I took it up in the late 80’s but hit a wall, could not coordinate my left hand beyond a certain speed. I was into metal and rock and tunes by Vai and Satriani. Took up Spanish guitar instead.

It wasn’t until about a decade later that I discovered I had a neck injury that impacted nerve function in that hand.




Wow you contended with this for a decade?! Hope you got it sorted in the end…

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No. Just lived with it for 36yrs now. It was a decade later when I had an incident that ultimately led me to a neurologist where the injury was discovered - who cautioned against surgery.


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