Leather bound Chipboard?

I am trying to find out how to make a cover for a gadget. I can’t seem to google the right words.

I have done “bookbinding” and used cardstock to back it. I want to make this leather on both sides.

Here is the layout.
The blue will be the chipboard and the green the leather.

I want a padded case, do I use foam?
Do I need stitches on the spine?
Do I need stitches at all, just use glue?

You can use foam for the padding or you can use a fiber batting. I recommend trying a variety of foam and batting to see what gives you the feel you want. I find that adhering the padding to one side will make assembly much easier. Don’t adhere it to both sides though. In this case I would adhere it to the hard backer.

I would probably stitch the closure joint for durability. I don’t think you need stitching on the spine, though you run the risk of the leather layers separating over time. Stitching would avoid that but depending on the look you are going for you may not want it.


I want a padded case, do I use foam?

  • Yes, thin open cell upholstery type foam (as opposed to EVA)

Do I need stitches on the spine?

  • No

Do I need stitches at all, just use glue?

  • No, stitches would be an aesthetic choice for a case.

Have you had a chance to browse the forums at leatherworker.net? There’s a lot of information there on case making. You will definitely want to learn a technique called skiving.


thanks for the heads up on that forum!!!


Lessons learned…

I was going to use some proofgrade leather that I had, but it would require skiving which @ekla pointed out. I wasn’t prepared to do that just yet. I did have some JPP saddle material which was thin enough for my project.

I learned that super glue is not a good substitute for contact cement. It seeped into the foam and chipboard and made it hard and brittle.

I learned that super strong magnets that I had aren’t that strong.

I learned I should have left more of a gap for the folds, it might have been enough if the insert was so stiff from the glue.

I am using a rubberband to keep it shut and to hold the game inside. I am happy enough with it to not redo it.