Leather Coaster for a new Hire

I just hired my first full-time employee for my paying job - architecture. He had worked for me freelancing and saw my job post online, so he applied. My fiancé thinks that I should buy him something for his desk. Buy? But, I have a glowforge. Silly woman. When he worked freelance his invoices had a logo. It’s round, so I traced it in AI, enlarged it and tada. Something for his desk that is personal to him. I’m using the self contained filter and almost no burnt hair smell.

It needs to be washed to get more of the char off, but not half-bad. It’s 4" in diameter.


How unique! Great idea for a personalized gift. :grinning:


Nice welcome gift!


Someone has an interest in Doctor Who, I am not able to translate Gallifreyan but many here are :upside_down_face:

@rbtdanforth are you saying that the logo is Doctor Who related? I wouldn’t know.

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I had seen the designs but did not realize that it was not only the language but that someone had worked out the whole thing that each circle is a whole word, they look a lot like that design, which the look is pretty distinctive,

That one is simple so I would guess it to be initials


That is so kind of you! Wish I’d had a boss like you.


Very thoughtful and personal gift! Great job!