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Hi, I make leather patches and I buy a type of leather called “Heritage Leather” the logo comes out great but once it gets to the cutting part the later does not cut all the way through and burns the inside. any help? ill be happy to post a picture if that helps?

Presuming this is actually leather and not one of the many fake leathers out there - you’re dealing with flesh, and flesh has variations. I will often run my cut line a 2nd time at about double speed (or half power) to cut through the tiny “strings” that stay attached - but make sure you’re actually dealing with leather first!

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I’m new at this whole engraving thing do you mind showing a picture of how you have your setting set up or explain what you did?

or if I’m not mistaken you click on proof grade cut then set the precision power to 84 since its out of 168 and run the cut pass twice?

In your example the 168 is speed - that you’d want to double (so ~300ish)

So do your entire job - cut/engrave/etc. then when it’s done reach into your machine and while making sure the rest of the material doesn’t move you pick up each piece that was cut out (I have a pair of tweezers, others use a piece of tape). If everything lifts out, you’re good to go.

If something doesn’t lift out I close the lid, turn all the commands to Ignore (except the cut), and then adjust the power down or the speed up on the cut and hit go.

You do not re-adjust your art, don’t even look at the camera image, just hit go. As long as you didn’t move anything it’ll be exact. The liberal use of Honeycomb hold-down pins will make the process easier.



Thank you so much!!

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