Leather dyeing / masking

I have been playing around with leather dyeing…especially using my Glowforge to create masking that allows multi-color designs.
Scored this hot rod style flame design on a piece of leather then played around with blending Eco-Flo dyes. First removed flame border and brushed on black dye. Then removed interior flame mask and brushed on yellow and red dye.
I’m definitely no painter or artist but pretty happy with how first try came out.


Looks good. I was just fiddling around with leather and color myself. I went the alcohol marker route though with mixed results. The colors that make it look like darker leather were really nice. The bright colorful stuff like reds, purples and such were a little less successful.


I half expected the yellow and red dyes to mix and blend like water colors but that didn’t really happen. The red had to be blended out more.


Looks awesome!

That’s beautiful! Using masking to paint is fabulous.

BTW, you can water down the Eco-Flo and then it will mix more like watercolour paints - in case that’s something you want it to do in the future :slight_smile:


Looks great! Love the way the color of the flame has depth.

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Nice job blending the yellow and red.