Leather - Ear Savers

I am New to Glowforge, Actually haven’t received mine yet. This is also my First Post. So I may be doing several thing wrong. Let’s give it a try anyway and see what happens.

I am retired and picked up Leather working about a year and a half ago to help me stay busy and keep my mind active.

After seeing the Acrylic Ear Savers and seeing someone else do something similar in Leather I decided to make one in Leather and see how that would work. I am going to post the svg file I did in Inkscape. Not sure if it will work or not, since I don’t have my Glowforge yet(hint).
I was thinking that Leather might be more comfortable than acrylic.
Anyway here goes.
Ear Saver
Ear Saver.zip (647.3 KB)


I’m not seeing the file. Did you upload it?

I thought I did. I hit the upload button after finding and highlighting the file. Not sure what wet wrong

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Here is what it said

x1Ear Saver|84

Now that was strange

No, not that strange. The second image went as a bitmap,

You need to edit your first post and change the [8x14] part of the link to 80x140 and people will see the SVG. You can make it 160x280 or anything proportional (or stretch it weirdly if you like)

Thanks for the share :slight_smile:


Made the change… Thanks


Remembered from reading post that the file needed to be in a zip file.

The ZIP file shows as a link to help people download. It’s really up to you, and now you know the trick to making the SVG show up!

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The forum software strips bitmaps from SVG files, so putting it in a .zip prevents that.

Otherwise, it’s down to preference…

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Those are lovely :slight_smile: These are perfect for masks with string elastic! I wore one mask with string elastic for maybe an hour and it started cutting the back of my ears :frowning: This would definitely fix that!

Thank you for sharing!

As for advice for cutting on the :glowforge: vs any other method, the only thing I’d suggest is running the simplify command on your circles. The laser hesitates on every node, so your circles as is (bottom) will likely burn quite a bit. I ran the “simplify” command (select and click Ctl-L - or use the menu) probably 6-8 times and got many fewer nodes (top)

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank You. I will do that on all my circles I cut from now on.

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I don’t see many people posting designs before they receive theirs…I have a feeling we may see a lot of you … welcome! This community is a gem and was the reason we DID get our GF. I wasn’t sure about it at first when my then boyfriend asked me if I would go halves in on a laser cutter with him (now we did meet at a Makerspace so we had that big shared interest and 3D printers) … I thought about it for days trying to figure out the logistics. I finally asked him what we would do about the GF if he decided he didn’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend any longer. He informed me without any hesitation that he wasn’t going anywhere. That was my first confirmation that he was in this relationship for the long run. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

4 years later and we were married (delayed a bit because I was in college when we reserved the GF) and the GF was used to make decorations for the wedding and that was a lot of fun. Wish I had had more time, but we moved up the wedding date and I had been so busy at work I was limited on the time to spend on it.

You will enjoy the GF I have no doubt!


Great idea, and nice share!

I need to experiment how laser safe “leatherette” holds up to this… (it’s a bit flimsier than leather)… Because black, with silver etching of a company logo, or something fun, might look pretty cool .

Thanks for sharing!

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Do share when you try it. I’m very interested.

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