Leather Essentials Tray - Gen 2


OK, I’ll confess, I made the initial cut on our Cricut Maker since I already had the project created in Design Space. I used the GF to etch the graphic and text, then used my usual leather finishing techniques. I plan on moving all cutting to the GF for future versions, but since this was a commissioned piece I went with what I knew works.

Splotch dyed with Fiebings Saddle Tan dye in what I call “peanut brittle” pattern, using Tandy antique brass Line 20 snaps, sealed with an initial Tandy spray acrylic resolene, then finished with Fiebings Leather Balm with atom wax and buffed to a shine with a canvas cloth. Edges finished with Cobra MP burnisher using water, Sharpie black edge pen, and beeswax.

Pre-finishing, only etched.

“Peanut Brittle” dye pattern using Fiebings Saddle Tan.

After initial Acrylic Resolene finish.

After Leather Balm w/Atom Wax finish/buff and antique brass snaps.

Final assembled version.


Your finishing game is on POINT.


Yep, she’s gonna be thrilled. :grinning:


Gorgeous work and awesome of you to share your finishing process. Bookmarked :slight_smile:


Great writ-up and share! It looks great. Thanks.


It turned out really lovely!


Lovely job!