Leather Feather Headband



I made this by hand, but I’m sure it would be fantastic laser cut. I painted it with alcohol inks. Full instructions and more pictures here.


Coolness! (Great GF candidate too.) :relaxed:


Wow, beautiful, I am amazed that you can cut things like that by hand. The thin parts on your right side, look almost impossible to do without a laser, but I guess that’s why you’re doing that and not me. The ink job is great too.


What a lovely piece! Beautiful coloring job.


Good job!


Very pretty…it will be a breeze with a laser :grin:


Wow! Stunning work.


Very beautiful




Wow! Just a question: cut first, or color first?


I colored first so the edges would be covered without effort, but I suppose you could cut first too. If you follow the link, there’s a full set of instructions.


Really beautiful Headband! You have some amazing talent!
Keep up the great work! :grinning:

Love your Write-ups!