Leather - Hair Ponytail Barrette

Made a birthday present for my neice who loves hair stuff.

I got the base leather design from this pose from @hansepe (Free Design - Hair Barrettes):

I turned the pin out of a piece of purple heart and made her a simple maple box to ship it off in.

The only thing I am a little disappointed about is the laser engraving on my second try. The first try the image came out very clear, second attempt with the additional boarder lost a lot of detail in the swirls, both were using the same settings. I also had to have 2 cut passes to get through the PG leather.


Very nice. I’m glad to see those helped you. :slight_smile:


Oh very pretty! I’m sure she’ll love it!


Very pretty!

Maybe your optics got just a little dirtier before you did the second one? Maybe time for a quick cleaning.

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I’m amazed by the purple heart pin.


Looks like I was a little mistaken about both tests having the same settings. I decided to redo it to get a better engrave and while setting it up i realized that all power setting were the same… EXCEPT… I had the engrave set to convert to dots instead of vary power…

In the image below, the one on the left is the new one where the only difference is vary power vs convert to dots on the engraves.
The color difference is because it is still wet. I have seen others say it, but I highly recommend getting the leather wet to remove the tape. Without wetting it, it was sticking and pulling leather up. Wet, it came off really easily.


Lovely gift! The Purple Heart looks just beautiful! Top it off with a gift box … Fabulous!

Did you use the leather they sent us? I am wanting to make this as well but wasn’t sure what settings to use. I have long hair and am constantly putting it back and would really like something like this.

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This is so pretty! Great job!

Can you send me the link for the files of everything you did in this picture, including the box? I would gladly pay you for it? Thanks.

Unless a post specifically offers up a design, we’re asked by policy to not ask for files. So the closest thing here is the link back to the free designs thread.

Ok. Thanks.