Leather Messenger bag

Designed this pattern to be cut on the Glowforge, even the cross body strap. I designed it to be put together with three pieces of leather. Front pocket is designed to hold an ipad in its case. Check it out on my etsy store with my other designs. Please let me know what you think.


Nice work. You should also post about that horween bag, it’s really nice work.


Really like that.

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That’s really nicely done!

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Looks really nice. Love the color, and the pocket.

If i buy this design, where can we buy the leather from? that would work with a design like this?

There are a couple of places I buy leather from. I buy the large sides and then cut them down. I use Springfield Leather, Maverick Leather and the Leather Guy most often. I’ve also purchased some nice veg-tan leather from Frogjelly for a reasonable price.

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