Leather notebook cover!

This one isn’t proof grade since I can’t ever seem to find big enough proof grade.

Being a DM for D&D and Playing in a friend’s game as well, figured I should probably start noting down things that are important. But using a boring old notebook isn’t gonna keep my attention, so naturally…I jump into the computer and start working with inkscape.

I used some tooling leather from Hobby Lobby and got to work. The design process was pretty easy, and assembly took about 4 hours in 2 split sessions due to schedule.

I saw some inspiration on Pinterest so I added a small frontal flair using some spare scrap leather I had, using a shield and a Runic Sigel for Heaven (not Valhalla, yes there is a separation) due to the connection to the story I am running with my campaign.

I need to clean the edges and seal them up for my Game tomorrow, but over all I’m pretty excited to have this one! The next version I do I’m gonna be adding in a magnetic clasp for closing or possibly a strap to give it an olden feel

Till next time!


That is beautiful! I like the addition -assuming rivets?


Great work! You’ll be the star tomorrow!


Yep, Just basic golden plated, but they get the job done :slight_smile:


I hope so! The last session we had was absolutely chaotic and 2 NPCs died for being wrong place wrong time


The shield makes a nice addition. Did you stain the leather yourself or was it predone?


This one was already done, I have done the leather dying process in the past with no big deal, but I used what I had with this one


Very nice! The shield has a scrimshaw/ivory look to it.


But what is D&D without chaos? On the table and off!

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Absolutely! The party keeps trying to figure out my end game and they have no idea what’s happening, it’s fantastic